CCQ Book Series

Cheryl K. Warner Books, the "CCQ Book Series" is a beautifully illustrated book series suitable for children of all ages. They are inspiring stories based on Cheryl K. Warner's recent "Top Ten" self-penned hit single on Pop and Country Radio, "Counterfeit Country Queen," stories that demonstrate that following your dreams with faith, family, friends, belief, and perseverance can lead to amazing results. A CD of the hit single is included with the books.

Two books side by side, one of the book is about a woman with long hair and the other is about a man.

Book Reviews

I loved this author's first book! So happy to have the opportunity to acquire her new one. Her written word, just like her song lyrics, are so heartfelt. It's great to buy a book that the whole family can read together! Such a special message for little ones. Buying a copy for my granddaughter.

~Kay Saito

Such a wonderful inspiring story! I purchased this book for my best friend's daughter who is 5 years old and she loved It! Great gift item and collectable! I love that Cheryl's wonderful album is included!


Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams is a sweet non-fiction recounting of the life of Cheryl K. It is the story of how she never gave up on her dreams of being a singer even after being encouraged to become a nurse, a job she ended up loving. Cheryl's Christian views are on full display, but not overbearing, as she encourages the reader to always believe in Jesus. I believe this story is a great book for children about how they should never give up on their dreams, even if life goes a different way. That said, my children thought it was cute and I would have to agree. It definitely left us wanting more to the story. We all loved the beautifully illustrated pictures, which happened to be my favorite part.


This book is so adorable. Great to read to your children. One of the best childrens' books I have seen in a very long time. I got mine last week and face-timed my grandson and read it to him. He loved it. Way to go Cheryl K. This just make me think of my own childhood memories when we didn't have plasma screens.

~xoxo bbentllc

This is a great children's story that teaches the importance of being respectful, helping people, believing in Jesus, and never giving up on your dreams. It was a very positive story with wonderful illustrations. I enjoyed this book a lot and look forward to sharing it and discussing it with my young friends.

~T Thompson

Such an inspirational story for young elementary children! Wonderful illustrations and well written prose. This would be a delightful addition to any young library especially those interested in country music or becoming a performer in general. Shows with perseverance you can make your dreams come true. Very positive message.

~Mary M Van Patten

This charming little book was a pleasure to read. The story of the author and how she followed her dreams was well written and illustrated. The message was clear but not to preachy. I think that children would gain something from reading a story with such a good lesson.

~Debbie Kilduff